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There are plenty of ways to get around Brisbane so check out the list below for the options available.

Lime Scooter

These are a great way to get around but be aware that you are sharing the path with pedestrians. You must also wear a helmet (even if there are no helmets around, by law you have to wear one). Also, be mindful of where you can and can't rise the scooter - you can view it on the app. Simply download the app, add a payment option and off you go. The best part is that you can finish your ride pretty much anywhere. Be sure to follow the app instructions.

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City Cycle

This would be one of the cheapest ways to get around Brisbane. At $2 for a 24 hour pass (plus a $50 deposit which gets refunded), you can cycle around the city exploring. You must lock it back at a station and do not leave it anywhere. You must also wear a helmet. Though, Brisbane is a bicycle-friendly city so have a cruise along the water or even in South Bank.

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As we do not offer parking, Uber is one of the fastest ways to go long distances. More often than not, we are happy to drive you around to places on the weekends and show you more than just the CBD on the weekends.

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There are three different ferries. The large City Cat has a direct route between places but you must pay cash on board (or get a Go Card). There are the smaller ferries - red and white or blue and white which go shorter distances but are free. Be sure to ask the helmsman where the boat is going as each one has certain stops and do not cover every terminal.

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Fortitude Valley train station is right around the corner from our building. Be aware that even though we have never had any issues, it's not really a place you want to be alone after dark. However, the train is one of the better ways to get to the airport. Let us know if you need any help.

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Brisbane, Queensland, Australia