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There are a few great places to shop depending on your budget. Second hand shops are a great way to stock up on cheap clothing while the malls have a wider variety of options

St Vincent De Paul

This is the closest second hand shop and is great for cheap clothing and shoes. Or if you want to lighten your bag, this is a great place to make a dontation.

across the street of Vinnies
close up of outside Vinnies
outside Vinnies

Another place of second-hand shops and cheap trinkets. Go inside and up the stairs and you will find The Australian Red Cross. Be sure to check out Cheung's Cakes and Cafe while you are there!

outside McWhirters
inside McWhirters
front of Red Cross shop
Queen St Mall

Grab a Lime Scooter or a City Cyle bike and ride to Queen St Mall. This place is filled with shops and food places and makes for a great day out. There is also ten-pin bowling, laser tag, and the cinema to check out. Though, for a cheaper cinema option, we do recommend going to South Bank.

Beginning of Queen St Mall
In Queen St Mall
butterfly wall

This shopping mall has everything you need and you can easily spend a whole day there. Best off gettingthe train or asking one of us for a lift. There's a lot to choose from in the food court and the clothing shops as well as having a cinema; you can't go wrong here.

outside Indooroopilly
inside Indooroopilly
Another outside shot of Indooroopilly

Brisbane, Queensland, Australia