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There are many food places to choose from, especially from our cafes list but these outlests deserve some recognition too. Eat St would be the crowd favourite so let us know if you want to go and we can organise a group adventure.

Tara Thai

They make an amazing Red Curry which is not too spicy. Make sure you get some prawns added too for that extra flavour. Not too expensive either and just a short walk back to our apartment.

outside of Tara Thai
inside of Tara Thai
inside of Tara Thai looking over the lower floor
5 Dogs

None of us are vegan but that doesn't stop us from getting some vegan hot dogs from this place. They are seriously good and even better that they are on Uber Eats and also a short walk from our apartment too. They are open until 3am most nights which makes them even better.

outside of 5 Dogs
selection of hot dogs
single hot dog

The best place in Brisbane to get a pizza. You can get them by the slice or the box but they are the best. Corina highly recommends the feta and olive pizza but the other flavours are just as good. Best grab one on your way home after a night out (be sure to ask if we want any!).

outside of Tara Thai
feta and olive pizza slice
Poke Bowl

If you are in the mood for something healthy then Poke bowl has you covered. You select a range of ingredients and toppings for a tasty meal which can then be delivered to you from Uber eats. Their sauces are ok but if you are unsure, then just add it to the side.

outside of Suki
inside of Suki
a poke bowl
Ben's Burgers

The best place in Brisbane to get a burger. The simplicity of a beef patty, pickles, lettuce and mayo will make any hungry traveller very satisfied. Be aware of following the map to get here; you can easily miss it.

outside of Ben's Burgers
a burger from Ben's burgers
inside of Ben's burgers
Eat St

Wow. Where to start on describing this place? Situated in Hamilton, about a 15min drive from the apartment, you will come across a large amount of shipping containers. Inside this place you are bombarded with a wide variety of foods to choose from, each outlet inside one of the shipping containers. There are foods from all over the world with some crazy combimations (Japanese pizza anyone?). Keep some room for dessert though as those cronuts with ice-cream are a real treat. Let us know if you want a go and we can organise a trip over there.

outside of Eat St
inside Eat St - a place to sit
laneway - a place to get food

Brisbane, Queensland, Australia