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Milkbox Coffee and Tuckshop

This place is conveniently located downstairs and across the road from our building. The prices are a little high but you get fast coffee and a small range of foods to satisfy your hunger. Be aware that they close early on Sundays so don't leave it too late.

outside of Milkbox Cafe
plate of food with coffee
takeaway coffee
Café 63 Plumridge House

A short walk from the apartment but they have a larger range of food to choose from. Dine in or takeaway options are available. Their halloumi burger is a must-try! Do not be fooled about the name Monk and Grind, this is the same place as Cafe 63.

outside of Cafe 63
inside of Cafe 63
burger on a plate
Fortitude Cafe

This is the best chai latte in Brisbane and they make great burgers too. Some chais have too much ginger in it while other cafes get you to pour and strain it yourself. There is no mucking around with this one and it is super delicious.

Fortitude Cafe sign
hamburger from Fortitude Cafe
take away Chai Latte
Smoked Garage

In the opposite direction of Proud Henry is this funky place. It doubles as a motorcycle shop that sells good coffee. They have large chairs and plenty to choose from on a weekday. Do not be put off by their biker image, these people are lovely.

outside of Smoked Garage
coffee on saucer with spoon
inside of Smoked Garage
Mocha Monkees

This is the best coffee in Brisbane. You go in there and choose your blend from either Mezzo, the Columbian, or Forza. Then pick which way you want it such as cappucino, latte, long black etc. It is recommended to have without sugar as each blend has a unique flavour. The bagels are good but the margarita pizza needs a bit of work.

outside of Mocha Monkees
display case of food
take away coffee cup
Daily Planet Cafe

The food is made fresh to order and the coffee is great. Friendly staff and their customer service is excellent too. Everything is reasonably priced and a great atmosphere. Their turkish sandwiches are filling and healthy too. Would highly recommend this place for their food!

outside of Daily Planet
counter with food and menu
close up of coffee machine and cups
Cheung's Cakes and Café

Looking for a quiet spot in Brisbane? This is the place to go. Everything is fresh and the staff are lovely. It's a nice spot if you want to read a book while you sip your tea/coffee. Make sure you grab one of their cakes as they are tasty.

entrance to Cheung's
variety of cakes
cake on a plate on a book
The New Black

A very unusual place to eat with some crazy flavours that just seem to work really well. Great coffee, a wide variety of food to choose from, and friendly staff certainly make this one of the places you must visit. Even though it is a small place, it does get busy and the wit times are a bit long, though their waffle with passionfruit and meringue is worth the wait.

outside the cafe
row of coffees
passionfruit and meringue waffle
Death Before Decaf

A bit out of the way from our place but worth the trip. Death Before Decaf is open 24 hours to meet all your coffee needs. Don't be put off by the biker theme and the heavy metal music, these people really know how to perk you up with a strong brew. Worth the trip.

outside Death Before Decaf
inside Death Before Decaf
Cup of coffee on a wooden table

Brisbane, Queensland, Australia