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If you are on a strict budget (and most of our guests are), here are a list of places/things to do which are budget and just as fun. Most of them operate all year around too so check with us to see what's on.

Gallery of Modern Art (GOMA)

Most things to do at GOMA are free. You are allowed to walk around looking at the artworks and exhibitions but some will require payment - depending what's on. There is something for everyone here and lots of opportunities for great learning experiences.

outside of GOMA, lit up in different colours
people looking at a painting
skeleton of large snake
Streets Beach

This artificial beach is open until late in the summer and patrolled by life guards all year around. A good mix of pool and beach, but in sumer it gets crowded. There are loads of facilities nearby but be sure to keep your swimmers on as Australia has strict rules about that.

streets beach - pool
streets beach
streets beach pool 2
Flow State

Grab a spot and layback inside this large cage. It lights up and plays music which helps you take a moment to breathe and relax. It can be very popular in summer with families so grabbing a spot to laydown will be difficult and during wet weather the lights and music are turned off. The colder seasons are less popular but it is easier to spend more time there so be sure to rug up.

Outside the cage
Close up of the cage
Looking up at the roof inside the cage
Epicurious Garden

A fun community garden where you can stop and smell the herbs and spices growing. You can visit on certina days of the week to purchase the produce picked by volunteers but it is free to visit at any time.

Epicurious garden sign
Cart to sell the produce
Inside the Garden
Fairy Garden

On your way back from a long day in South Bank, be sure to swing past this lovely place. Cross the pedestrian-only bridge, heading towards QUT and the Botanical Gardens and you will find yourself surrounded by trees covered in fairy lights. The soft magical glow makes you feel a world away from the city and you can take good photos.

long-shot of fairy lights in trees
close-up of fairy lights in trees
fairy lights in the trees
Botanical Gardens

Listed as "The Domain" on tha map, the Botanical Gardens across the river from South Bank are lovely to check out. Be sure to grab a City Cycle bike or Lime scooter and go for a ride. You can get lost there so be sure to stick to the pathways and go during the day. Never really had a problem with mosquitos, but do take aerogaurd and sunscreen. Plently of clear spots for a picnic but watch out for possums, bush turkeys, and ibis birds. They won't hurt you, but they are certianly not shy.

bike path inside the gardens
gardens and the city in the background
person walking through the forest
Mt Coot-ha

There are many things to see and do here so make sure you have a good few hours. Take in the spectacular view of the city from a top of the hill, then go for a wander around the botanical gardens and check out the tropical dome. You can also check out the planetarium but you will need to purchse a ticket if you want to see a show.

overlooking the cafe on Mt Coot-Ha
outside of Sir Thomas Planetarium
Inside the tropical dome