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As we are situated at the start of The Valley (as the locals call it), there are many places to go depending on your mood. In the order from closest to furthest away from us is a list of places we would recommend for a night out - whether it is a quiet one or if you want a big one, The Valley has it covered.


Soapbox is the closest bar to our building and they boast a range of craft beers. Not always busy, so it's a great place for a small night out with friends. Be sure to check out their weekly specials!

outside of Soapbox Bar
glass of beer on wooden bench
Soapbox Bar sign
Proud Henry

Proud Henry is Corina's favourite place to visit because it's quiet and the atmosphere is beautiful. The staff have a wealth of gin knowledge so ask for a fruity/sour/herbal gin and you won't be disappointed! The back courtyard cancels out the city noise and you can sip your gin under fairy lights, feeling the stress of travelmelt away.

outside of Proud Henry
cocktail on wooden bench
Proud Henry's courtyard

A grunge bar with many pool tables and great live music. They also sell "Big A$$ Pizzas". This place has more pool tables and a secret door that will take you to a hidden bar called "The Boiler Room".

outside of Tomcat
pizza on a plate
Tomcat Bar

If you want to dance, this is the place you want be. Techno remixes under a hanging light display will rock your world. The line may seem long but they get people through pretty quick but the line at the bar is almost not worht it.

outside of Prohibition
dance floor inside Prohibition
bartender behind the bar in Prohibition
Holey Moley

Ever wanted to play mini-golf inside a church? Holey Moley has you covered. Two levels of entertainment and they make you wear a beret with astro turf if you order food (easier to find you).

outside of Holey Moleys
angel statue with golf clubs
inside of Holey Moley
King Lear's Throne

We accidentally stumbled into this place because was told by an inebriated person that this was the place to be. Cheap drinks, good music, and fun atmosphere makes for a good night out. Make sure you grab a Pickelback shot.

outside of King Lear's Throne
bar inside King Lear's Throne
King Lear's Mural
Savile Row

This place is a hidden whiskey bar in the middle of the Valley. Located on Ann st behind an orange door, there are hundred types of whiskey to choose from. It does get loud and busy as the night goes on so if you were hoping to grab a whiskey and a quiet chat, go early. `otherwise it is loud music with no dance floor.

Orange door to Savile Row
inside Savile - ground floor
inside Savile - upper floor looking down
Finney Isles

Just like Saville Row, this place is also hidden. Keep an eye out for the blue door and inside you will find a cosy bar with a hundred types of gins. Not sure what you are after? Ask the friendly staff for a particular flavour and they will give you something extrordinary.

blue door to Finneys
display of gins at the bar
cover of Finney's menu

Thursday evening is salsa night so strap on your dancing shoes. Don't feel like dancing? Sit in one of their many insta-worthy booths and people watch. This place gets crowded on Saturday nights so be ready to become part of the dancing crowd.

outside of Cloudland
seating inside Cloudland
crowded dance floor inside Cloudland
Woolly Mammoth

Yes, there is a giant woolly mammoth in the corner and yes you can get some fun pics with it. A large dance floor and cheap drinks will ensure you will have a great night out.

outside of Woolly Mammoth
bar inside Woolly Mammoth
bar outside of Woolly Mammoth
Ric's Bar

This place is great for a catch up with friends. With plenty of spots to choose from, you really feel like you are sitting in some one's backyard having a beer and a chat. The music is loud and there are a fair amount of smokers but you're outside. Check out the amazing artwork and the funky decor. Be aware there are two entrances to this place so if the line is long in one spot, just go around the corner.

outside of Rics
sitting in the courtyard
graffiti on the wall

Step back in time with the greatest hits from the 70's to the early 2000's. Prohibition is fun for techno dance music but this place is great if you want to feel part of the crowd with singing and dancing. The DJ is quick to change tracks but does a great blend from one song to another. Also, there doesn't seem to be a line for the ladies room which is also great.

outside of Retro's Bar
two cocktails
bar inside Retro's

Brisbane, Queensland, Australia